Highway 128, which is the quickest way to the Mendocino Coast from the Bay Area, follows the Anderson Valley from Navarro to Cloverdale, passing through, Philo,  Boonville, and Yorkville.  This area is known for it's wineries, and a sophisticated yet rural atmosphere.  During the summer months, the weather here is warm, though not as hot as areas further inland.  Possible wedding venues include  wineries (many of which are small and locally owned), The Boonville Hotel,  and other inns.  The Apple Farm near Philo and other  guest ranches  offer great get away packages for weddings and accomodations.  There is also a beautiful grove of old growth Redwood trees near Philo, called Hendy Woods State Park, and camping at Paul Dimmick campground in the Navarro redwoods.